How to survive an earthquake

If you can be in this world and not be overwhelmed by it

Please tell me how

If you can read the news and not feel the hairs on your arms stand on end

If you can watch a mountain ablaze and continue making dinner

If you can stare at the ocean and not feel multitudes

If you can shoulder the idea of having children without feeling the weight of a thousand responsibilities

If you can think about the future of the planet without despair eating at the corners of your soul

If you can sit before a sunset and not taste your breath in your throat

If you can go about your day without at least once wondering if you are doing it right

If you can look at the colours of a seashell and not smile at nature’s marvels

If you can watch the ballet without going home and doing pirouettes in your kitchen

If you can be in this world and not google “How to survive an earthquake”

Please tell me how

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