I see God in the underside of Starlings’ wings

I still don't know how to fold a fitted sheet or how to wire a plug. If my tyre goes flat I will be calling road-side assist. I am thirty one and I think I have forgotten how to pray. I still get lost in malls and have to ask my mom how to remove … Continue reading I see God in the underside of Starlings’ wings

Inspiration: Life is Pain. Au Chocolat.

I have this habit of romanticizing everything. Even the mundane. waking up early for work that first sip of coffee in half-light a moody sunset the grey blue colour of the ocean when it rains a quiet Tuesday evening at home solo runs. solo travel. solo coffee and cakes literally solo any-things second hand stuff … Continue reading Inspiration: Life is Pain. Au Chocolat.

ocean love

beautiful in all her forms lined up in orderly rows at sunrise turquoise gold at twilight swirling shades of cerulean below a cliff crystal clear shallows that capture the sun stormy dark powerful depths unapologetically fierce . sometimes she is soothing quieting my restless soul sometimes she is raging empowering liberating most times I want … Continue reading ocean love

I find my life full

On a Wednesday in February my cats and I listen to classical music as the sun sends long shadows across the living room floor. The air is soft. One cat stretches out on the sofa as if he has had a long day. The other stalks a fly that is hanging in the summer breeze. … Continue reading I find my life full

Capital Expenditure Deductions

I just want to sit here with the sun rosy-ing my cheeks and the wind wreaking havoc with my hairI want to climb every mountain in sightI want to swim in the ocean until my fingers turn whiteI want to swim all the way to the Ligurian Sea and back againI don’t want to read … Continue reading Capital Expenditure Deductions

How to survive an earthquake

If you can be in this world and not be overwhelmed by it Please tell me how If you can read the news and not feel the hairs on your arms stand on end If you can watch a mountain ablaze and continue making dinner If you can stare at the ocean and not feel … Continue reading How to survive an earthquake

I like

I like people of few words who only say what is necessary. I like beaches of broken sea shells, with sharp edges and hidden treasures. I like under-ripe bananas. I like unfinished paintings, and lop-sided picture frames, and books that end in the middle of a sentence. I like soft tummies. I like scars that … Continue reading I like

Thunder perhaps. Or maybe just a sunset.

I wonder if one day I will look back on this day. These days. An insignificant Monday sitting on the floor cross-legged. A bowl of vegetables in my lap. Waiting. For the sunset. Or maybe something bigger. Drinking wine from a glass that says Jess on it. As if I would mistake my glass for … Continue reading Thunder perhaps. Or maybe just a sunset.

Mountain medicine

Everyone is worried about me when I take to the mountain alone. But it is a sanctuary, a private solitude. My legs pumping. The sound of gravel crunching beneath my shoes. The wind in my hair. Salty sweat on my skin. I am fearless. I am powerful. If I ran off the edge of the … Continue reading Mountain medicine

Inspiration: this is the part of the poem where the poet looks up “mutually exclusive”

Mountain soul. Ocean heart. Wanderlust. A deep desire to belong. Spirit of adventure. A home-body. Introvert. Lover of humans. Love me. Quietly. Don't get too close. I will turn you into poetry. Both things can be true at once.