Capital Expenditure Deductions

I just want to sit here with the sun rosy-ing my cheeks and the wind wreaking havoc with my hair
I want to climb every mountain in sight
I want to swim in the ocean until my fingers turn white
I want to swim all the way to the Ligurian Sea and back again
I don’t want to read about hate crime and wars and rising interest rates
I don’t want to pay my bills
Or moisturize my skin
Or make sure I’m drinking enough water
I want to eat two croissants for breakfast. Everyday.
And run with the sunset at my back
I want to lie under my coffee table with my cats
And ask them why they like feathers so much and what they think about the dog next door
I want to stare at the sky for a whole day instead of going to work
I want to live in the world of a five year old
Not one of capital expenditure deductions

(Prompt: write a poem from the first line of a text on your phone)

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