Everyone has a story to tell. As a junior doctor, I have a couple. I started this blog as a brand new intern – fresh out the medical school box. 

“Klein Dokter” meaning “Little Doctor”, is a something a nurse called me during my internship. It is true to this day, and I think it will remain true. In medicine, you can never know everything and there will always be someone who has more experience than you. I am sure I will always feel like a Little Doctor.

 Now, seven years into my medical career (and seven years along in life), I have grown up (a little). While I still have medical-stories to tell, I also now have a lot more life-stories to tell. 

Here you will find my musings on medicine and life; on the state of the world; on love and friendship and the human condition; and everything in between! With a little bit of amateur poetry thrown into the mix – just to keep things interesting. 


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