Random thoughts lately

Are the things I believe about my life and the world things I truly believe; or are they just versions of the truth that I have been told by other people – my parents, social media, society?

There are so many opinions I held as a younger person that I horrify me today. Beliefs about religion, abortion, health, sexuality, God, right and wrong, gender roles… And I only formed those opinions because I was raised in a heteronormative, white, middle class Christian family. I was well raised, don’t get me wrong. And I deeply appreciate the values that my parents instilled in me. But I am realizing more and more that so many of the things I believe are not ones that I have formed for myself. Only in the last few years have I truly questioned why I believe certain things. Where did that opinion come from? Does it even have any relevance to my life or to the person I am today? In doing so, I have changed my mind on a scary amount of really fundamental ideas. Ideas that shape who I am to my core. And it frightens me a little to consider how many more un-examined opinions I hold – opinions that may be influencing the way I move through the world.

But I suppose there is liberation to be found in discovering these prejudices, adjusting and constantly readjusting, and forming my own ideas and beliefs about life and the world.

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